Am I Running a Food Blog?

I fell like the most photos that i have to show are all about food. I can’t really help it, a lot of my friends order extremely delicious food that I can’t eat myself. At least I get to take a picture.

Before and After

I think I want to buy another bird cage and this time i will use white and pink flowers.

Beef & Rice w/ Egg

I’m so hungry right now, looking at this picture from last weekend. I have a health problem so you always hear me picky about food. Just to want to make it clear that these food plates are not mine. LOL they are my friends plates’ ._.

Mapo Tofu

I just want to mention for Mapo Tofu is not just about the spicy and the tofu. It taste not so good when you don’t have some sort of meat in there. Yes it has a little meat! At least it suppose to.

Cosplay Things

Everything is for cosplay, but the lotion XD  Yes even the clock is for cosplay. I need to alter it in to something amazing.

Wood Chopsticks

I just want to mention it’s a very bad idea to use wood chopsticks at a legit food place. When I got these chopsticks they are moist because they were just washed. It does feel sort of nasty and I rather use silverware. DX

Oily Noodles

Very delicious beef noodles, but as you can see it’s very oily. For my own health I will eat it this one time XD! I hope not to come back to eat again *cries inside*

Strict Diet

I’m on a very strict diet! The best moment for me in a day is not being hungry [Correct, I haven’t been full for the last two weeks.] Thanks to the internet anime food is my new eye candy.

My Breakfast Today

Miso Soup, Rice, Bean Sprouts, Natto and Thai Banana ;D I was so fall! Oh i put lettuce in my rice so i eat less rice and more veggies DX

The Type of Natto I Eat

This is the brand that I get from my local store. I love it, but I think i’m going to pick up another brand next time just to try and see if it’s any different.