For Photography

That one moment you are all the way on the ground trying to get a good angle of a tinny little statue XD. Everyone already left you behind….

No Complaints

Sometimes I don’t really want to go to Museums but, I love photography, so as long as i can photograph amazing items. I really don’t mind Museums!

Family Vacation

You know those times when you visit family and they always take you to museums?

Thai Decor

Went to eat at a Thai place. The curry was delicious but the portion wasn’t enough. Also the presentation of the dish look very Americanized [Only spoon and fork TvT]. But, their wall look amazing, so I had to take a picture.

Those Lens for Phone

You ever bought those clip on lenses for cellphones? This is the fish eye one ;D It’s not that bad I do like them. Sometimes I feel like it makes the pictures a bit blurry. But look at how big my bunny look haha!


So let’s make a really fancy instant noodle, by adding lettuce, meats and an egg. I didn’t have any Seaweed or green onions *sad face*.  And, sometimes you can add cheese too ;D

Beauty, Cosplay & Photography

I notice all the things i buy for myself are either for my own beauty, cosplay or photography needs. I have no other hobbies! >3> derp

Love Photography

When you see cool photography tricks and you want to pick up your camera right away do it right there and then. In the dark >3>

CostPlay Fabric is Expensive

I just want to mention I don’t normally use really amazing fabric to make costumes. If the cosplay needs this sort of fabrics [in the picture] I rather buy them then spending time and money to make them [because i’m not really good at sewing]. This fabric is marketed at $20 a yard. Normally you…

Do This in the Morning

Supposedly very good for your health: Warm water 1 spoon of honey a few slice of lemon [my was lime, lemon is better] Bonus: you can add 1 tsp of baking soda [but i don’t really like it] I sometimes replace water with Sparkling water XD