Can You Eat Spicy Food?

I ordered this hot dog with spicy sauce + muster + jalapenos. The only problem was i forgot i was in layers of Cosplay and in hot summer day =3=!

Jakes Burger

This wasn’t for me so i didn’t get to taste it. But, the sauce for the fries are melted marshmallows. It’s like having a burger and then eating dessert!

Eggplant Curry

I don’t eat eggplant because to cook eggplant normally it require more oil than other vegetables. But, ironically that’s my favorite …. *sad face* Had it today for a change. Probably not going to eat it for another year *sad face x2*

Crab Cake

Delicious crab cake that comes with a shrimp XD

Everything is Leftovers

Salad, half a roll of sushi, potato salad, banana, tea and vitamins. And, now i can worry about the next meal >3<

Am I Picky?

because this bento is not legit enough for me to come back.

Eating Healthy

is the hardest thing. This Vietnamese sandwich was delicious.

So Much Raw

Friend’s plate looking raw as ever. I think I will stick with my rolls instead of sashimi.

Korean Hot Bowl

So I had this Korean hot mess for lunch. I think it is best eaten in the winter.

Good Morning

Morning came really late today, didn’t want to get out of bed.