No Complaints

Sometimes I don’t really want to go to Museums but, I love photography, so as long as i can photograph amazing items. I really don’t mind Museums!

The Rest of It.

One of my roommate uses this, after they are done I take over and use it on my cosplay wigs.

Wet n Wild

Again, I bought an idea because I like the package / container.

Velvet Mousse, Hard Candy

I bought this matte lip color because I like the case it came with. I shall use the lip color and the case for my bushes

What is This?

When I was young I had something called mp3 player

Pads Herb Scent

I can understand why some people do not like the smell of herbs.

Do Not Buy

Don’t by this type of contact lenses, it makes your eyes look flat. No, not even for cosplay.