Soup & Noodles

Hm, I need some thing warm, soup and noodles sounds good right now.

Oily Noodles

Very delicious beef noodles, but as you can see it’s very oily. For my own health I will eat it this one time XD! I hope not to come back to eat again *cries inside*

Plans Go Wrong

When you made plans but it didn’t go well, then you are staying at home eating instant noodle. It’s delicious + an egg!

Chinese Lunch Box

When your friend loves Chinese food that you never eat because your mom cooks you Chinese food too often. But, they still look delicious AF.

Good Morning

Morning came really late today, didn’t want to get out of bed.

Just From Looking….

I can already tell the noodle is under cooked. The outside is clear / not as white as inside which is under cooked so it’s fully white. I won’t be coming back to this Ramen place.