Oversea Package is Finally Here

They shipped this over by using SAL [shipping company] and told me it will be here in 30days. BS! after 30 days I checked on the tracking it was still in Guangzhou China. Then after a lot of communication with their customer service. They finally said the package isn’t really in Guangzhou it’s just no…

Can You Eat Spicy Food?

I ordered this hot dog with spicy sauce + muster + jalapenos. The only problem was i forgot i was in layers of Cosplay and in hot summer day =3=!

Cosplay Lenses

As long as you know the consequences to your own choices. You do you. One good thing about Chinese brand contacts is they are pretty good for dark brown eyes. I won’t be using the contact solution that they gave me as free gifts though >3<

The Rest of It.

One of my roommate uses this, after they are done I take over and use it on my cosplay wigs.

Back in the Days

two seats were cool. Now …I just want my cosplay things fit in the car

Do Not Buy

Don’t by this type of contact lenses, it makes your eyes look flat. No, not even for cosplay.