What Natto Look Like

I think the 1st time I heard this food was from Gintama! Yes Natto! Then I watched some video on youtube about how Natto is very healthy but not every one can handle the taste. I quickly went to my local Asian market to buy one and they were right. I couldn’t handle the taste…

What Does It Mean?

This pair of shoes comes with unreadable paragraph as additional detail. I like it ;D

It’s the Season For Mooncake

Jasmine + Chestnut is my new favorite! But, don’t forget a normal sized Mooncake have 1k calories. I definitely need a lot of self control!

Black Butler Tights

I bought these from Hot Topic last year and only worn them twice because all my skirts are long, they always cover the characters face. But, I love them!!!

Friend Knows

When your friend keep telling you Korean make up is good stuff. And, sometimes gives you free Korean samples, It’s the same as “Come to the dark side we have cookies”.

I Shouldn’t Have…

Asian Buns, the less calories it is the worse it taste DX! This one was not so good.

Green Chicken Curry

Another amazing Thai dish. I ordered the green curry because it said on the menu this curry have eggplants in it and I love eggplant. The portion of this dish was so much food I couldn’t finish, thank god i wasn’t eating alone. A lot of friends wanted the rest of this XD

Thai Fried Noodles

I can’t remember what this is called. It’s not the sweet pad thai, but something really similar. It tasted so good. This isn’t even my food but I couldn’t stop eating my friends dish! XD

Beach Time

I need some slippers for the beach. Went to Walmart to get some cheap slippers and they never have your size! I ended up finding two boy sizes. Well at least they work find.


Most of my photos are in nice lighting or at least at day time. I have a really hard time shooting at night time because I am really picky about grains and noise. But, this time it’s ok ISO 100, it’s all about the colorful lights you don’t need to see my face XD. Very…

Cousin’s Men Bag

My cousin in China wants this Coach bag for $95 from the USA. He mentioned it’s normally double the price in China because of taxes and importing fees. I took out the time to get it for him.