Thai Decor

Went to eat at a Thai place. The curry was delicious but the portion wasn’t enough. Also the presentation of the dish look very Americanized [Only spoon and fork TvT]. But, their wall look amazing, so I had to take a picture.


So let’s make a really fancy instant noodle, by adding lettuce, meats and an egg. I didn’t have any Seaweed or green onions *sad face*.  And, sometimes you can add cheese too ;D

Do This in the Morning

Supposedly very good for your health: Warm water 1 spoon of honey a few slice of lemon [my was lime, lemon is better] Bonus: you can add 1 tsp of baking soda [but i don’t really like it] I sometimes replace water with Sparkling water XD

My Bad =3=

I think this is the worst choices i ever had to make. I went to a place in the mall to eat. Normally I would pick a vegetable dish + a meat dish. But this time I saw fish, and I love fish so I end up getting fish + chicken. I’m not a big…

Chicken & Korean Food

I went on to yelp to rate this place a 3 star. I am a very honest person. The food looked way better than how it tasted. Since it is also far from my home I will not be going back to this Korean place.

Soup & Noodles

Hm, I need some thing warm, soup and noodles sounds good right now.

Am I Running a Food Blog?

I fell like the most photos that i have to show are all about food. I can’t really help it, a lot of my friends order extremely delicious food that I can’t eat myself. At least I get to take a picture.

Beef & Rice w/ Egg

I’m so hungry right now, looking at this picture from last weekend. I have a health problem so you always hear me picky about food. Just to want to make it clear that these food plates are not mine. LOL they are my friends plates’ ._.

Mapo Tofu

I just want to mention for Mapo Tofu is not just about the spicy and the tofu. It taste not so good when you don’t have some sort of meat in there. Yes it has a little meat! At least it suppose to.