Colorful Clips

We are out of chips, guess how many bags of chips we had? Yes We had four bags of chips.

Am I Picky?

because this bento is not legit enough for me to come back.

Plans Go Wrong

When you made plans but it didn’t go well, then you are staying at home eating instant noodle. It’s delicious + an egg!

Hot Pot

Made for spicy and normal, but they are both normal because someone in my family can’t eat spicy food.

Made at Home

and ugly, I know! But, it taste acceptable, haha!

Just From Looking….

I can already tell the noodle is under cooked. The outside is clear / not as white as inside which is under cooked so it’s fully white. I won’t be coming back to this Ramen place.

Rice Plates

That moment the presentation is better than the taste.

My Dinner

Unagi bowl for dinner. Let’s eat?