Chrysanthemum + Jasmine +Rose

My mother came back from out of the country and brought back some different type of tea leaves. I can’t believe how amazing and elegant this look and taste. Honestly the smell of these dry flowers in hot water reminds me of perfumes. You wouldn’t want to drink perfume but thank god it didn’t taste…


This is the 1st time in my whole life that I visited Daiso! I love it there. The lights they do in there makes everything look extra bright and clean. Also a lot of their designs are super cute. Especially this! Honestly I don’t even know what it is but I’m assuming it’s the same…

Eggplant Curry

I don’t eat eggplant because to cook eggplant normally it require more oil than other vegetables. But, ironically that’s my favorite …. *sad face* Had it today for a change. Probably not going to eat it for another year *sad face x2*

Kawaii Coffee Cup

This cup have been with me for over 5+ years. I hardly use it, because it’s too small, I always have to refill. But, the artwork on this cup is so cute. Got it purely because of the artwork.

My Package Came In….

So they are doing $35+ free shipping, but I wasn’t able to pick out enough items to get the free shipping, so I just picked what I wanted to try total of 18 items. I can’t wait to try those Wonder Blender and the Matte Lip Colors!

Hot Pot

Made for spicy and normal, but they are both normal because someone in my family can’t eat spicy food.


Actually this is my mom’s favorite.

Back in the Days

two seats were cool. Now …I just want my cosplay things fit in the car