For Photography

That one moment you are all the way on the ground trying to get a good angle of a tinny little statue XD. Everyone already left you behind….

No Complaints

Sometimes I don’t really want to go to Museums but, I love photography, so as long as i can photograph amazing items. I really don’t mind Museums!

Family Vacation

You know those times when you visit family and they always take you to museums?

Thai Decor

Went to eat at a Thai place. The curry was delicious but the portion wasn’t enough. Also the presentation of the dish look very Americanized [Only spoon and fork TvT]. But, their wall look amazing, so I had to take a picture.

Those Lens for Phone

You ever bought those clip on lenses for cellphones? This is the fish eye one ;D It’s not that bad I do like them. Sometimes I feel like it makes the pictures a bit blurry. But look at how big my bunny look haha!

Love Photography

When you see cool photography tricks and you want to pick up your camera right away do it right there and then. In the dark >3>


Most of my photos are in nice lighting or at least at day time. I have a really hard time shooting at night time because I am really picky about grains and noise. But, this time it’s ok ISO 100, it’s all about the colorful lights you don’t need to see my face XD. Very…

Do not recommend the Panda Express

I went to Panda Express for the 1st time in over 10 years. And, the experience was not enough food. Straight up do not recommend if you are really hungry and want to have a filling meal. My friend had a plate [2 sides with 1 main]. 2 sides, Mushroom chicken and Black pepper beef….

July 4th

This is a interesting July 4th. I helped my friend patch up his bleeding arm cut from an accident and run around town to find that men bag that my cousin wants.  

Mini Instant Noodle

I bought this because it’s sort of for kids. Each noodle pack is very small. So instead of one whole noodle square you are eating half [That is if you can control yourself not to eat two at a time DX]. One of my friend keep saying I bought it because of how cute the…

Maple Jif

My favorite flavor in peanut better ❤ Taste really good on a banana! P.S – I wonder if this is considered washout style of photo ;D!