Those Lens for Phone

You ever bought those clip on lenses for cellphones? This is the fish eye one ;D It’s not that bad I do like them. Sometimes I feel like it makes the pictures a bit blurry. But look at how big my bunny look haha!

Cutest Doctor Around

Aahhaha~ Free pen from a friend’s work place. I think I want to ask him for one to keep.

Mini Instant Noodle

I bought this because it’s sort of for kids. Each noodle pack is very small. So instead of one whole noodle square you are eating half [That is if you can control yourself not to eat two at a time DX]. One of my friend keep saying I bought it because of how cute the…

Daiso Haul

Because we don’t have one in our city. This is the the very 1st time I visit Daiso in another city. But, shopped at 8:30pm and they close at 9pm. I wasn’t able to finish the whole store DX


I buy those little head shake things that are powered by light… when i get home take them out of the package … and They never move!!!

Maw is Coming Soon

Secrets of the Maw, DLC for The Little Nightmares is coming. I hope Maw is Six’s secret friend. I randomly want to pair them together. Can’t wait…

Kawaii Coffee Cup

This cup have been with me for over 5+ years. I hardly use it, because it’s too small, I always have to refill. But, the artwork on this cup is so cute. Got it purely because of the artwork.

Little Nightmares

This game just came out. It’s cute, dark and disturbing, are you playing it yet?


Best one so far

What’s Best Bag to Use?

always have a zipper [keep everything inside harder for thieves] easy open easy close [this bag is hard to open too many zippers] a side pocket for cellphone stay in shape [easier to get things]