Soup & Noodles

Hm, I need some thing warm, soup and noodles sounds good right now.

What Natto Look Like

I think the 1st time I heard this food was from Gintama! Yes Natto! Then I watched some video on youtube about how Natto is very healthy but not every one can handle the taste. I quickly went to my local Asian market to buy one and they were right. I couldn’t handle the taste…

Fisheye Lens

I showed my friend this and he said it’s very ugly deforming arm [I’m offended that’s my nice looking long arm! lololol]. But, some how I love it! I want to use this lens more and make more things deformed XD!


When you thought there is only one scratch mark. Nope turn it around.

Birthday Gifts

When your friend decided that your cholesterol isn’t high enough XD I still love this though!