Eggplant Curry

I don’t eat eggplant because to cook eggplant normally it require more oil than other vegetables. But, ironically that’s my favorite …. *sad face* Had it today for a change. Probably not going to eat it for another year *sad face x2*

Everything is Leftovers

Salad, half a roll of sushi, potato salad, banana, tea and vitamins. And, now i can worry about the next meal >3<

Am I Picky?

because this bento is not legit enough for me to come back.

So Much Raw

Friend’s plate looking raw as ever. I think I will stick with my rolls instead of sashimi.

Good Morning

Morning came really late today, didn’t want to get out of bed.

Just From Looking….

I can already tell the noodle is under cooked. The outside is clear / not as white as inside which is under cooked so it’s fully white. I won’t be coming back to this Ramen place.

Rice Plates

That moment the presentation is better than the taste.