No Complaints

Sometimes I don’t really want to go to Museums but, I love photography, so as long as i can photograph amazing items. I really don’t mind Museums!

Family Vacation

You know those times when you visit family and they always take you to museums?

Beauty, Cosplay & Photography

I notice all the things i buy for myself are either for my own beauty, cosplay or photography needs. I have no other hobbies! >3> derp

Love Photography

When you see cool photography tricks and you want to pick up your camera right away do it right there and then. In the dark >3>

CostPlay Fabric is Expensive

I just want to mention I don’t normally use really amazing fabric to make costumes. If the cosplay needs this sort of fabrics [in the picture] I rather buy them then spending time and money to make them [because i’m not really good at sewing]. This fabric is marketed at $20 a yard. Normally you…

What Does It Mean?

This pair of shoes comes with unreadable paragraph as additional detail. I like it ;D

Black Butler Tights

I bought these from Hot Topic last year and only worn them twice because all my skirts are long, they always cover the characters face. But, I love them!!!

Friend Knows

When your friend keep telling you Korean make up is good stuff. And, sometimes gives you free Korean samples, It’s the same as “Come to the dark side we have cookies”.

Beach Time

I need some slippers for the beach. Went to Walmart to get some cheap slippers and they never have your size! I ended up finding two boy sizes. Well at least they work find.


Most of my photos are in nice lighting or at least at day time. I have a really hard time shooting at night time because I am really picky about grains and noise. But, this time it’s ok ISO 100, it’s all about the colorful lights you don’t need to see my face XD. Very…

Cousin’s Men Bag

My cousin in China wants this Coach bag for $95 from the USA. He mentioned it’s normally double the price in China because of taxes and importing fees. I took out the time to get it for him.

July 4th

This is a interesting July 4th. I helped my friend patch up his bleeding arm cut from an accident and run around town to find that men bag that my cousin wants.