Can You Eat Spicy Food?

I ordered this hot dog with spicy sauce + muster + jalapenos. The only problem was i forgot i was in layers of Cosplay and in hot summer day =3=!

Everything is Leftovers

Salad, half a roll of sushi, potato salad, banana, tea and vitamins. And, now i can worry about the next meal >3<

Hot Pot at Home

Get a hot pot stove + pot for $35 and make your Chinese hot pot meals at home. Eat all your favorite meats and vegetables any time you want. Ok, you do have to prepare your own food and clean up after yourself ^^

With Rice

Eat this with rice is good home made.

So Much Raw

Friend’s plate looking raw as ever. I think I will stick with my rolls instead of sashimi.

Korean Hot Bowl

So I had this Korean hot mess for lunch. I think it is best eaten in the winter.

Fried Rice

When you cook at home it doesn’t look so good, but it taste good!

Hot Pot

Made for spicy and normal, but they are both normal because someone in my family can’t eat spicy food.