So let’s make a really fancy instant noodle, by adding lettuce, meats and an egg. I didn’t have any Seaweed or green onions *sad face*.  And, sometimes you can add cheese too ;D

Oily Noodles

Very delicious beef noodles, but as you can see it’s very oily. For my own health I will eat it this one time XD! I hope not to come back to eat again *cries inside*

Thai Fried Noodles

I can’t remember what this is called. It’s not the sweet pad thai, but something really similar. It tasted so good. This isn’t even my food but I couldn’t stop eating my friends dish! XD

Crab Cake

Delicious crab cake that comes with a shrimp XD

Rare Pizza Plate

I don’t like pizza, but some times you have to have some because your friend is a Pizza whore ^^

Eating Healthy

is the hardest thing. This Vietnamese sandwich was delicious.

Fried Rice

When you cook at home it doesn’t look so good, but it taste good!

Hot Pot

Made for spicy and normal, but they are both normal because someone in my family can’t eat spicy food.

Good Morning

Taiwan milk tea, let’s have some this morning to wake up.