What Natto Look Like

I think the 1st time I heard this food was from Gintama! Yes Natto! Then I watched some video on youtube about how Natto is very healthy but not every one can handle the taste. I quickly went to my local Asian market to buy one and they were right. I couldn’t handle the taste nor the smell.  Here is what Natto look like.

From left to right:

  1. it have little packets you will need to put in to the defrosted natto.
  2. deforested and ready to put in the pockets for mix.
  3. when you start mixing it will get really sticky and stringy.
  4. when it’s done it should look like this.

I do have to say i tried the natto total of three times now. And, I’m starting to love it. Sometimes I wish i can just eat one for snack.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ecladragon says:

    I guess it’s an acquired taste like most fermented foods.


  2. A.M.Bradley says:

    Nope, and nope again. I couldn’t do it, and I love Japanese food.


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